Monday, March 31, 2014

Leaving Las Vegas

      It’s Monday evening, March 31, 2014 and we just completed the long right-hand turn after take-off from the airport in Las Vegas.  Before we reached 10,000 feet and I could pull out the laptop – I got one last look at our neighborhood and my home.

    This morning I was able to confirm with my parents in Idaho that their Skype account was active and they were set to send and receive calls, no matter where I might be on my journey.

This afternoon my older daughter, who attends college in Portland, Oregon, called and we discussed plans to stay in touch during my travels.

This evening my wife and younger daughter took me to the airport and bid me farewell as I checked in for my first flight (myself only - no checked bags for a flight from Las Vegas to Ulan Bator, Mongolia with 2 stop-overs!).

The thought of the beginning 5 weeks away from my family has not yet fully made its way through the worries and anxious thoughts that continuously bombard my mind.  Do I have passport?  Did I pay that bill?  Did I finish that task at work?  And on and on.  However, I am very aware of the sacrifice that they have made and support that they have offered and for that I am so grateful.

So for all my family (and friends), thanks for everything and “yes” I will be careful and safe. 
See you soon.
Love,  Mark

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