Thursday, May 8, 2014

Finish Line Quiz #3

The answer to Quiz #2 was C.   See if you can figure this one out.

ANSWERS - enter your selection in the poll on the upper right of this page.

A. Georgia, Latvia, Estonia, Germany, Croatia, Macedonia, Finland, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia, Albania
B. Georgia, Estonia, Latvia, Germany, Montenegro, Macedonia, Finland,Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Albania
C. Georgia, Latvia, Estonia, SloveniaFinland, Macedonia, CroatiaMontenegro, Serbia, GermanyAlbania
D. Georgia, Estonia, Latvia, Germany, Croatia, Serbia, Finland, Montenegro, MacedoniaSlovenia, Albania
E. Georgia, Latvia, Estonia, Germany, Serbia, Macedonia, Finland, Montenegro, CroatiaSlovenia, Albania

1 comment:

  1. Another tough one Mark! If you have any room left on your resume, please add 'awesome quiz designer'; thanks again for all your hard work for us PWPs. Also, if you can, how about a short blog on the PD resources in Vegas (especially those you are involved in); admiringly, Dennis Padrick, Huntington Beach, CA