Thursday, August 21, 2014

Final Thank You!!!

     It has been 3 months now since I returned home for my last of 44 runs in 44 countries.  My journey was an incredible experience and I want to thank those that made it possible one more time.

Thank you to the many Parkinson's Organizations, Support Groups and Medical Providers:

Mongolia:  Prof Amarbayasgalan Ravdan and the Neurology Dpt at Mongolian State Hospital, No. 1
Vietnam:  Dr. Minh Le and the staff of University Medical Center, Ho Chi Minh City
Japan:  Mr Hisashi Takamoto, Japan Parkinson's Disease Association and the staff at Juntendo University
Singapore: Elise Ho, Parkinson's Society Singapore, Crystal, Jenny, Jocelyn, Rena and Chang
Malaysia: Sara and the Malaysian Parkinson's Disease Association, Khalzani, Shanti, Izan and Alysha
Nepal: Sudarshan Rajbhandari, Hom Lal Shrestha and Nepal's first World Parkinson's Day Conference
Turkey: Dr. Okan Dogan and Zeynep Derebasi
UAE: Ingrid van de Kamp, Gity Young, Vonita Singh, Parkinson Support Dubai and Urban Energy Fitness
Qatar: Doha Bay Running Club
Israel: Dan and Ilana Tamir
Finland: Timo Montonen and everyone associated with the Finnish Parkinson Association
Croatia:  Prof Maja Relja and everyone involved in the celebrations in Zagreb
Macedonia:  Dr. Anita Arsovska and members of the Neurology Dpt at Mother Theresa Clinic
Slovenia: Members of Trepetika and everyone involved in the amazing event in Ljubljana
Albania: Dr. Mira Rakacolli, Rajmonda Spirolli and members of the Parkinson's support group in Tirana
Iceland: Snorri Mar Snorrason and the members of Parkinsonsamtokin a islandi
-  Board members of 444 Parkinson's Foundation: Clark Trimmer, Erik Schwalier and Sarah Vernetti
-  My co-workers at the Mike O'Callaghan Federal Medical Center
- Yeison Kim for website and video help
- Eduardo Sevilla for logo design

                                                       Thank you to my Country Sponsors:


The Munns


Clark and Cara Trimmer


Honoring Summit 4 Stem Cell Climbers


In Memory of Ron Smith



The Paynters

The Don Hatcher Family


OIVA - support group for working age people with Parkinson's


The Propsts


The Kangs



The  Underwoods

In Memory of Helen (Fosback) Cranston

United Kingdom

Sam Gore, Tom Callas and Brian Kolar

Thank you to my family


What's Next?  
     When I began planning "Run-the-World 4 Parkinson's Disease", I had no idea that I would have all the support that I gained along the way.  This support allowed me to do so much. Two of  the most common questions I've been asked are, "Would you do it again?" and "What will you do next?"  Although I always felt that I would have done it again, I really didn't think I would do another project later.  However, now that I am three months away from the finish, I am starting to plan something for Parkinson's Disease Awareness Month in April 2015.  The general concept is in place, including the basic schedule and the focus for this round of Parkinson awareness promotion.  I just need to explore the feasibility a bit more.  If I can work things out, my hope is make an announcement on October 1, 2014.  Until then...thanks for everyone's help and support on Run-the-World 4 Parkinson's Disease!!

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