Monday, April 28, 2014

Announcements and Layover in Belgrade

#1.  I want to say Happy Birthday to my wife, Lila, and thank her for all the sacrifices that she has made while I was planning and am now traveling around the world

#2.  I want to let everyone know about some changes in my schedule and some upcoming events in Las Vegas.

- I've decided to not make up the Thailand run in Europe.  Instead I am going to fly to Iceland a day early, so I can spend 2 days with my parents, who should have arrived there today.

- I also changed my flight home, to arrive a day earlier and therefore, will be doing run #44 in Las Vegas.

- For anyone that might be in Vegas in the coming weeks, please join us for:
           6 May, tentatively at 7 PM  - 4 mile run on Las Vegas Blvd
           16 May evening - dinner and presentation to recapture "Run-the-World"
                     **I will post more information on these events in the coming days**

#3.  Here are photos from my latest "Layover Run".  I was thinking about not running and working this one into the schedule later, but when I couldn't get wifi in the airport and found luggage storage in the old train station...I started running.

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