Monday, April 14, 2014

Name that Finish Line - Quiz #1

So I am now over one-quarter done with the challenge. As of today, 14 runs completed.  In case you didn't notice, I did not run in Bangkok.  It was going to be a very tight connection and our plane got in an hour late. In addition, I had been considering skipping that stop due to the intermittent riots.  I have a couple options to make it up with the most likely candidates being France or Luxembourg.

To mark this milestone, I would like to do 2 things.

1.  Request that you consider donating to Team Fox or 444 Parkinson's Foundation. Shortly after developing the basic plan for this project, I realized that Awareness, rather than Fund Raising would be the focus of my project.  Largely because I am just not a good salesman, but also because I think there is a real need for the Awareness focus, as well.  That being said fund-raising is an important component of sustaining both research and awareness campaigns.  Therefore, I will put out a simple message to remind people to consider donations after I complete each quarter of the campaign.  To donate, simply click on the "Donate" tab above and you navigate to Team Fox or 444 Parkinson's Foundation. I would be honored if you would consider a $4 or $14 contribution to either cause.  Thank you!

2.  Now for the fun stuff.  I have been getting so many message from people that say they are enjoying following my posts...but are you really following closely?  To test your knowledge, and prove that I am covering 4 miles in each country - I will post my "Finish Line" photos below and then answer options to identify the order of the countries in the photos.  You can then go the poll in the upper right portion of this page to vote for your answer. Have fun.


A.  China, Malaysia, Fiji, Vietnam, Singapore, Brunei, Bangladesh, Australia, Japan, Mongolia, Cambodia
B.  China, Brunei, Australia, Mongolia, Japan, Vietnam, Cambodia, Fiji, Singapore, Bangladesh, Malaysia
C.  Brunei, Cambodia, Australia, China, Japan, Mongolia, Vietnam, Fiji, Singapore, Bangladesh, Malaysia
D.  China, Cambodia, Fiji, Vietnam, Singapore, Mongolia, Brunei, Australia, Japan, Malaysia, Bangladesh
E.  Vietnam, Bangladesh, Fiji, China, Singapore, Mongolia, Brunei, Australia, Japan, Malaysia, Cambodia

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  1. Mark : Good to know that you've finally found some time to catch up with your fb updates. I too was wondering how you could do Bangkok given that you are arriving on a Songkran weekend. Perhaps you could have asked the Thai airport staff if they would let you do 4 miles on the airport runway. Run Safe. Ivan