Sunday, April 6, 2014

Vietnam - Good Morning Vietnam…Live from the University of Medicine and Pharmacy

First, a little perspective – my flight from Beijing left an hour late, so I arrived in my hotel at Ho Chi Minh City after 2:30 AM.  After updating my lecture slides, answering emails and doing laundry, I slept exactly 1 hour before getting up to meet my ride to the University of Medicine and Pharmacy

Dr. Minh Le and his staff arranged a wonderful program in which I was able to discuss Parkinson's Awareness and Dr. Tran Ngoc Tai presented a talk focusing on deep brain stimulation.  it was great to be able to interact with this group of patients, family members and medical staff.

My run in Vietnam was something else.  I ran from the university to my hotel.  I am certain that anyone running in the heat of day in Ho Chi Minh City would have caught the attention of the locals, but a Westerner with a backpack and a large object tucked under his arm was particularly ridiculous.  

When I run at home I usually listen to sports or travel podcasts.  My favorite travel podcast is The Amateur Traveler with Chris Christensen Today my loyalty to the program proved invaluable.  Months ago I listened to a segment in which the guest discussed Ho Chi Minh City and they stressed the procedures for pedestrians to cross the street among the myriad of scooters, motorcycles and cars. She said to step into the street bravely and continue without changing speed and the variety of motorized vehicles will make their way around you. As you can see it was great advice....

My project has and continues to evolve, but months ago I would not have imaged that "Run-the-World" could prompt a response like I received today in Vietnam.  So to Dr. Minh Le, his staff and everyone that took the time to attend, I want to say "Thank you!".


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