Friday, April 18, 2014

Jordan - Petra

If my first visit to a Wonder of the World on this journey didn't live up to the hype, my second clearly exceeded it.  Petra is much like Machu Picchu in that it is difficult to understand how unique the experience is until you finally get to visit the place for yourself.

I bought a guidebook, took JETT bus (the only bus service not associated with a package tour) and explored the site on  my own.  This turned to be a great way to see Petra.  In addition, given the immense size of Petra and the presence of numerous hiking trails, it turned out to be a great place to run - though the terrain was quite difficult.

Hopefully these images will give you a little sense of what it is like to see Petra, because I really cannot explain it in words.

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  1. Great pix & vid!; they definitely portrayed your unique & wonderful experience; keep running! Blessings from Dennis, Surf City, CA